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Convection ovens for laboratory, research and production, such as heating and drying ovens, convection ovens, chamber ovens, clean room ovens, climatic ovens, continuous ovens, as well as large-volume industrial heating ovens and application-specific heating ovens from 40°C up to 540°C.

Applications range from drying, preheating, curing, tempering and sintering of materials in the electronics industry, in the automotive and aerospace industries, in the oil, gas and storage industries to sterilization and depyrogenation in the pharmaceutical industry and medical technology.

High-performing and solidly built using corrosion-resistant materials and over a century of manufacturing experience, Despatch laboratory ovens are the epitome of technological advancement and superior quality. Our industrial ovens deliver invariable, uniform temperature for as long as the oven is in service thanks to its solid build quality and design.

Despatch industrial oven designs have been perfected version after version to deliver higher performance on a smaller footprint with low energy consumption. Standard benchtop laboratory ovens are versatile enough to handle a range of applications, and operate with unprecedented heating accuracy, temperature uniformity, and process repeatability.

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When Failure is not an Option

Manufacturers trust Despatch ovens to deliver the uniform and repeatable thermal processing required for critical components to operate flawlessly and ensure reliable product performance. Despatch never cuts corners, the products we build are manufactured to the highest standards. A Despatch oven is able to deliver invariable, uniform temperature for as long as the oven is in service thanks to its solid build quality. Despatch equipment typically exceeds process requirements for even the most exacting customer needs.


Despatch – Failures are not an Option


Despatch has successfully addressed the many technical challenges of thermal processing for capacitors, resistors and other electronic components used in cell phones, disc players, televisions and other devices. From ceramic capacitor bakeout to preheating, drying and curing, Despatch provides the uniform temperatures and gradual ramp rates that are essential to these processes. Despatch ovens can control air velocities, either up or down, at ±5% or better, with temperature uniformity at ±5°C or better.


For medical instrument manufacturers that need to apply polymer coatings to products such as defibrillators, pacemakers, catheters and surgical staples, a Despatch forced convection oven with its tight temperature tolerances provides a more uniform drying process for a superior coating. A forced convection oven together with forced exhaust provides quicker cool-down times and shorter process cycles. The result is greater productivity with lower cost.


Optical manufacturers depend on uniform internal temperatures, accurate ramp and soak time and precise temperature controls. Forced convection ovens from Despatch provide high airflow and tight temperature uniformity (±1°C) as well as rapid cooling. Together, these key attributes provide consistent coating cures, reduced cycle times, and dramatically improved process yields—by as much as 28%.


From R&D to production, Despatch delivers consistent, repeatable performance that adds up to shorter cycle times, higher productivity and lower operating costs. Pharmaceutical compounders have used Despatch LCC cleanroom ovens to sterilize and depyrogenate implements, preparations and glassware. The recirculated air in this oven is 100% HEPA filtered for operation at ISO Class 5 (Class 100) or better within the oven chamber. The ovens can be stacked for multiple batch processing in a small space.


Despatch has a long history of working with the world’s top aerospace companies and our breadth of knowledge in this market is extensive. We have a thorough understanding of the strict temperature uniformity and airflow requirements necessary to produce high performance, advanced materials. Sophisticated software is utilized to fully control the process and document all process information, providing traceability and validation of part quality.


Despatch has developed a strong reputation in the burn-in market over the last 30 years and has thousands of systems in operation throughout the world. The system’s proven reliability and ability to meet uniformity requirements has helped build that reputation.

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