Thickfilm Firing Furnaces

Thickfilm Firing Furnaces

HTP Furnaces is one of best names in the market for manufacturing of Infrared Thick Film Belt Furnace. Since the volatilization and sublimation of organic binders are finished well before sintering temperatures are reached, the rate of temperature rise in the product may be made relatively fast for the majority of thick film operations in these furnaces.

To get this result, the first zone needs to be driven as hard as it is possible to retain the highest intensity near infrared radiation, achieving process temperature at the start of the subsequent holding zone (s). The holding zones are set to keep the product’s sintering temperatures constant. The amount of time spent in these zones should be just enough to complete the polymerization or pyrolysis. This method of restricting the temperature time prevents undesirable material migrations or diffusions.

Processes include firing dielectrics, conductors, and resistors on ceramic, porcelain, and metallic substrates in air, nitrogen, or forming gas (mixture of hydrogen/nitrogen) atmospheres, as well as curing and/or firing advanced Noble metal, copper, ceramic, or glass ink

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Thickfilm Firing Furnaces - Features

  • Temperature Range 1000°C

  • 1.5″ product clearance

  • Alloy Nichrome belt material for long belt life with 1000°C zone temperatures

  • Controlled Atmosphere Capability

  • Energy efficient – Furnace requires short stabilization time for process ready

  • Different configurations to meet required throughput

  • Easy access to electrical panels with troubleshooting aids and spare parts

  • Advanced recirculating cooling System

  • Class 1000 Clean Room

  • Motorized Chamber Lift – Complete access to inside of the chamber for maintenance

  • CE Certification

Our Manufacturer for Thickfilm Firing Furnaces: HTP Furnaces

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