Screen Printing Consumables

HMI Precision Squeegee

We offer a consumables line that includes Precision Squeegee and Cleaning Cloth. The HMI line of consumable products is kept on the shelf and ready for shipment upon receipt of your Purchase Order. Quality products, available for immediate shipment, HMI Precision Squeegee and Shami make an excellent addition to our customer offerings.

Our Precision Squeegee is available in a range of durometers (60, 70, 80 and 90 – color coded for easy identification), with precision-cut edges and the chemical resistance inherent in their polyurethane material construction. Available in several profiles, the standard is the 3/8″ x 3/8″. It is available off the shelf in 12″ and 26″ lengths. The squeegee can be customized to any lengths less than 26″.

Shami™ Cleaning Cloth
The cleaning cloth, also known as Shami™, is a woven, low-lint polyester cloth for cleaning screens, stencils, squeegees, spatulas, electronic equipment and general cleanroom use.

“SHAMI” wipes for cleaning of screens, printers, squeegees, substrates and other tools used in the printing process. Super absorbent, low lint, ideal for microelectronic screen printing applications. They are used throughout the world for many years in the industry.

Purchasing Options:
By the Case:
Case of 1,200 wipes (150 wipes per sealed bag, 8 bags packaged in each case)
By the Bag:
Sealed bag of 150 wipes


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