Infrared Dryers

HMI Infrared Dryer Model MCD-2400

HMI infrared (IR) dryers and modular conveyers are an economical way to maximize drying efficiency and reduce energy costs. Incorporating black-body, long wavelength (5µm) infrared elements, IR dryers transmit evenly distributed heat with minimal absorption loss, while measurably outperforming hot plate and 3µm wavelength dryers.

All HMI IR Dryers can be configured to accommodate the varying demands of the process. Custom length heat zones, cooling zones and open belt zones can be mixed and matched to precisely meet the thermal profile recommended for the paste.

  • Black Body (5µm) Heaters
  • Set Point Temperature Controllers
  • Programmable Over and Under Temperature Alarms
  • Stainless Steel Belt
  • Heat Zones in Length Increments of 2′ / 610mm
  • Perforated Safety Shrouds


  • Open Bed Sections in Length Increments of 2′ / 610mm
  • Cooling Zones in Length Increments of 2′ / 610mm
  • Forced Air Variable Speed Cooling Fan
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Manufacturer of Infrared Dryers: HMI

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