Hydrogen Furnaces

Hydrogen Furnaces

These furnaces are made to the greatest safety standards in the business and are designed for high temperature processing of materials in wet or dry hydrogen, totally dissociated dry ammonia, inert gases, or vacuum.

For the cleanest processing environment and best vacuum performance, HTP Furnaces hydrogen technology uses radiation shield systems and full refractory metal hot zones. High material throughput is made possible by rapid heating and cooling, allowing for the efficient manufacturing of high-end products. In order to provide great temperature consistency over the entire hot zone, all systems have side heating elements with optional top and bottom trim heaters available.

At HTP Furnaces, the vertical or horizontal configuration of the furnace is customised to the customer’s needs. The material being treated remains stationary throughout loading and unloading while the furnace chamber is elevated to an open position for access. The loading can be front, top, or bottom loading, with the bell-jar design being the most popular. It is simple to accommodate options like high vacuum, ultra-high vacuum, wet or dry hydrogen, and quick cooling systems.

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Hydrogen Furnaces - Description

Brazing in a pure hydrogen atmosphere without flux is performed using the hydrogen furnace method. Many alloys, including carbon steel, copper, and stainless steel, are processed using this method. The brazing filler metal can diffuse or soak into the base metal because hydrogen decreases the metal oxide on the surface. After processing, the pieces are shiny and clean because hydrogen is employed as a reducing agent to get rid of the metal oxides. Hydrogen brazing produces strong, flux-free connections with excellent structural integrity and enables subsequent hardening or heat treatment.

Temperature, hydrogen gas purity, and pressure all affect how well hydrogen reduces metal oxides on the surface. In a pure, dry hydrogen gas environment with a marginally positive pressure, hydrogen furnace brazing is performed. The base metal being connected and the filler metal being utilised in the brazing process both influence the brazing temperature. Even complicated structures can be brazed with little deformation thanks to the homogeneous heating in the furnace. By precisely regulating the heating and cooling cycle, strict temperature homogeneity is maintained on the part as it is heated, significantly lowering the residual stresses.

Given that hydrogen is a highly explosive and combustible gas, safety is a worry when using it. Throughout the brazing process, oxygen levels are continuously checked to make sure the environment is below the lower explosive limit (LEL). The reduction reaction is maintained during the entire brazing procedure by using a steady flow of hydrogen. Simply put, the hydrogen gas leaving the furnace is burned off under controlled conditions.

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